Recipe to Write a Basic Business Plan

Most of the people feel that writing a business plan is a daunting task and some of them even feel that there is no need of it if you don’t have to show it to any investor. Actually speaking, whether you plan for a big or a small business, jotting down everything that is going on in your mind is always helpful. It helps you understand how you will move once you start to reach the designated point. If along the journey, you also feel the need to explain it to someone, the plan will help in making the other person understand it quickly and succinctly.

example of simple business plan

If you look at the example of simple business plan, it should ideally cover all the following:

  • Your identification of the problem for which you intend to give the solution
  • The uniqueness of the solution for the same
  • Your business model
  • The target audience
  • The team with their competitive edge
  • The financial summary
  • Funding required specifying at what stage and how much

When you start a particular business, you have a certain set of resources at your disposal, which you want to utilize with your capability and talent. As time passes, these resources will change. They will either lead to greater profitability and expansion of business or vice versa. There can be situations, which will be out of your control and if you are prepared for them as per your business plan you will sail through. No one thinks that situations will get adverse when starting a venture and generally a person is very enthusiastic about his plans. The truth, however, is adverse things happen to everyone. So, if you have prepared the contingency plans and have jotted them down, you will know how to cope up with such situations.

So, whatever plans you have in mind irrespective of the scale of operations, writing it down helps you to see clearly along the path. Businesses do not get established in a day or month. They take time and thus you should have visibility in future, which can be few years ahead. If you search the internet for an example of simple business plan, you will get many. Go through them and you will get to know that they are inherently strategic in nature.

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