EDAG engineering group

EDAG: A Brief History

Founded in 1969 by Horst Eckard, EDAG Engineering Group is a German Engineering and Design Company based in Grob-Zimmern, Germany. Currently, its headquarters is located in Fulda, Germany and the firm is operating in more than 32 offices worldwide. This company has more than 5500 employees working worldwide, as per the latest records.

EDAG engineering group

EDAG is serving the world in sub-construction for the auto industries, tool development, spaceflight and aviation, production system, and new product development. The concept car of the company is the EDAG Biwak in compact class. Its production started in 2006, and this impressive concept has front-wheel drive, front-engine layout and is related to the Volkswagen New Beetle. EDAG Cinema 7D is a subcompact class hatchback manufactured by EDAG since 2006.

The key people involved in the current operations of the company include Manfred Hahl, Rainer Bauer, and Jörg Ohslen. As per the latest records, the worldwide revenues of the company were estimated to be about 611 Million Euro in the year 2008. The owner of the company happens to be Dr. Lutz Helmig.

EDAG engineering group

The parent organization of the company is considered to be ATON GmbH, while its major divisions include the automotive sub-contractor and new product development. The company also has subsidiaries in the form of EDAG SIGMA Concurrent Engineering GmbH, FFT Flexible Fertigungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, as well the ED Work GmbH & Co. KG.

The concept cars and prototypes unveiled by the company till date include

EDAG Chopster, EDAG Biwak, EDAG Show Car No. 8, EDAG Pontiac Solstice Hardtop, EDAG genX, EDAG Cinema 7D, EDAG Cinema 4D as well as the impressive Open Source Light Car, which was the attraction of the spotlight of late. These concept cars like the Show Car No. 8 are based on smart mechanicals, and distinguish these cars from the rest of the concept cars introduced of late.

EDAG engineering group

With more than 32 offices worldwide, currently the company also works in the field of tool development, production system, spaceflight, production facility development, as well as aviation. However, most of the offices of the company are based at crucial sites of the partner industries.

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